Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...she said there was no whey

So I'm back from Tucson and that was a fun ass trip let me break this down for you.

Day 1: So we (Clark, Dr3w, and myself)left last Thursday at 8 in Clark's car and all was cool until about el centro. It started to get fucking lame as shit because if you know anything about Clark's car is does not have air conditioning and now it is starting to get balls fucking hot and everyone is sweating like a fucking rapist and my shirt(which by my genius was fucking black)is now fucking glued to my back. So fed up with everything, we all decide to take our shirts off and now its just like 5 hours to tucson roasting. It's the usual hit the border checks and what not got to anthony's house and just kicked it and chilled some beers, ate some Nico's (which is one of the greatest taco shops ever) and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Day 2: This day was fun as fuck, we basically just woke up and started drinking, because really there wasn't a whole lot to do and it was already noon. Two hours passed and we realized now was probably the time to get some food so now that Clark could eat meat again, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings which is one of the most magical places ever and we did some work. Me, Clark, Drew, and our buddy Rick put away an order of mini corn dogs, 50 wings, potato wedges, and buffalo chips (the wedges and chips were both covered with cheese and bacon). This meal would have sufficed as a last meal it was the greatest thing ever. Afterwords we went to this coffee shop to play The American Sound show and met like all of Clark's Tucson friends(which all of them are badass people, not one douche in the bunch). The show went well and then proceeded to take the after party to Anthony's and what an after party is was. After getting hammered people busted out black lights and highlighters and i ended up with a beard, a penis shooting a football (which i assume was someone's attempt at a vagina), Thuglife, and a bunch of other crap(When i look back too, it was only us esco kids getting half naked). I then passed out hour later only to wake up to go puke. Great fucking party.

Day 3: Hungover, i didn't want to do much and that's why this day was nice cause all we did really was meet up with Clark's folks for lunch. Clark's family out there is really nice and we ate some ballin Korean bbq courtesy of his mother. After lunch we jammed with Clark's step dad and then left to a park to play basketball with some new friends (and here is my big mistake of the weekend). 5 days prior my buddy Tyler just gave me a tattoo and by now it was pretty scabbed and the ink really wasn't settling well. Well like 3 minutes into playing basket i stumbled and kicked my tatt HARD. Ripping off a huge part of the scab and giving my self an even bigger bruise, stoked on life i decided to sit the rest of the game out. Left the park, limped home, drank a little beer and passed out is what the rest of the night consisted of for me.

Day 4: Today was the day i was looking forward to because today was the day we got to see Animal Collective. The day was very low key until we went to our friend Sean's house which we then began to party and by party i mean we hooked up the vaporizer. Now this was an experience and i suggest you people try it if you haven't already, its pretty fun. We then went to the venue which was the most bad ass venues I've ever been too. The show was really fun except for the fact it was way too fucking loud but Animal Collectives light show made up for it.

Day 5: Saw up, seeing that movie was one of the greatest experiences I've had at the movies in a long time. Everything just looked really good i suggest you check it out when ever you have the chance. Nothing really happened the rest of today.

Day 6: Home free, yesterday was fun. Before leaving Tucson we went to this sandwich shop eegee's which might as well be a magic shop because it was delicious. They sell these things called eegee's which is like this really thick shaved ice and when it's 100 degrees out it is the bee's knees. We left Tucson at like 3:45 and it was a fucking hot miserable car ride and after arriving home at 11 last night i appreciate the weather here a little more.

Over all the trip was really fun, did a lot of thinking and even though i didn't really figure anything out it was a nice change of pace. New art posts soon

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  1. Well spoken man. Such an awesome trip and I'm glad you me and drew shared it. Box O' nerds for life.