Monday, August 31, 2009

I am a horrible human.....

apparently. So quick story before i get on with getting on. I was at school the other week getting my shit together when i made eye contact with a really cute girl, just being friendly i shot her a smile when to my surprise i got the biggest stink face back. It was like i had desecrated the most holiest of churches or killed her whole family or something. Bitches need to get off this high horse i don't know where some girls get off.

But damn it has been a long while since i have updated this thing. To keep you guys updated, I've just been caught up with doing some commission pieces. I took pictures and will be posting them asap I've just also been swamped cause school has started and i am now starting my first year at CSUSM, I am finally out of that shit bucket Palomar.

What bugs me about this transition though is that i feel that i should be excited, actually there are a lot of things that i should probably get stoked off of but i lost passion i guess and that bugs me. Even things that used to get me all sorts of fired up don't even make a blip on my radar. I am also bumming because i feel that i have lost most of my friends due to all sorts of reasons people moving away or fucking people who just seem to treat me as a means to an end or just losing touch. For whatever reason it is a fucking shitty feeling and i am exhausted. I don't know why i bend over backwards so much for people, i should look into becoming a contortionist.

Anyways, for going through the bitching here's a picture i drew this past week's Free Fridayz competition:

The prompt was a monkey eating the Eiffel tower wearing hoop earrings a mini skirt while ice skating off a cliff during the Apocalypse.

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